What to Watch For Tomorrow

The 2018 World Champions Boston Red Sox will have its Parade Tomorrow at 11 am ET on Halloween. For those that going, It will start at Fenway Park. For those who can’t Make it, you can watch it on TV in Boston, or online at the Following websites: WBZ: https://boston.cbslocal.com/, WCVB.com and Boston 25 News. You can also watch it at Cheers on Beacon Avenue in Boston.


My headlines for 8/8/18

My headlines for my blog as of 8/8/18

  • SevenSuperGirls now adding a New Member, and her name is Emelina (Go to Instagram.com and type in @emelinaxo and welcome her to SevenSuperGirls)
  • Ronda Rousey won her first Match on “Monday Night Raw”.  Now she looks ahead of the Championship Match vs Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam.
  • The New Day defeated the Bar on SmackDown Live to battle the bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam.
  • SevenSuperGirls is closing in on 9 Million Subscribers.  Subscribe now to reach this summit.
  • My Top 5 SAKs Girls for the Week are: SSG: Brianna, Ashlynn, Emelina and Jaidyn, and sevenPerfectAngels Member Emily P.


The Golden State Warriors Repeat as NBA Champs after Sweeping the Cleveland Cavs 4-0. The Parade will Take Place in Oakland on Tuesday at 11am Pacific Time. Come down to Oakland to Watch the Celebration. If you’re unable to make it there or live far away from Oakland, Watch it on internet which includes KTVU.com and nbcsports.com/bayarea

Also the Parade for Washington Captials will be Held on Tuesday as Well. But it start at 11am Eastern Time. Come on down to Washington D.C to Watch the Celebration live. If you can’t make it to D.C or live far from the Nation’s Capitol, watch it on the Internet. Websites include: WJLA.com, masnsports.com, fox5dc.com and nbcwashington.com

Game Show Summary Highlights

Jeopardy Did well this Week. Starting with the Measly $599 on Monday And the Champions Winnings gone Up to $9K won on Tuesday, Wednesday with $18K won, Thursday with $28K won and finally at $31600 on Friday.. Weekly rating: 8

Wheel of Fortune 35th Season ended the Season with its 7th Skunk of the Season due to 130 Contestants failed to Solve the BR. Tennis Week really Threw the week and the Season & The Month down the Toilet

Overall: $9.4 Million won this Season by Contestants. 65 BR wins & 130 BR Losses

My Top 5 Wheel Moments of Season 35 were

#5 Best Moment from March 8 when Shonda won Big with the $45K BR win giving her $93K
#4 Best Moment from me was Andy Appearing on Wheel of Fortune.
#3 Best Moment of Season 35: Successful express rounds winning over $10K plus Prize puzzle; winning 2 Trips in one round and Car win & Prize Puzzle.
#2 Best Moment of Season 35: That is the Contestants gets to Choose which one of the 3 Categories that he or she or they wish to play in the BR which worked for Some Contestants.
#1 Best Moment of Season by Me is:

3/21/18 Ended the Longest Drought of a Grand Prize Win & Losing BR Streak thanks to Aaron & Karly Mandell winning the $100K

My Worst 5 Wheel Moments of Season 35 were

#5 Worst Moment: Flamingo Dance Lessons was Said by Jonny which pulls a Julian Batts.
#4 Worst Moment by me when we have So many Grand Prize losses: Most Being $100K & 2 Million Dollar Losers.
#3 worst moment by Me was: Huge Bankrupt Trashes of over between $10K and worst over $30K
#2 Worst Moment of Season 35 is: from March 16, 2018 when Shannon Skunked in the BR losing the $100K was the Worst ever BR playing by her when she failed to get KAYAKER.
#1 Worst Moment of Season 35 by me is:

Two Lost the Million in the BR: Frank & Laurel Skunked Big Time from 11/15/17 & From 11/21/17 by Eva Klentos & Also 7 BR Shutouts for the Week.

Let’s Hope Season 36 will be Better…

Also Congrats to Washington Capitals On winning your First Stanley Cup Champion and Made Washington D.C Very Happy!


Wheel of Fortune Posted its worst Week with All 5 Contestants Fucked up solving the BR with Friday’s $100K loss resulting in its Second Lowest Weekly Total of $164,420.

My Episode Rating for that Episode 1 (America’s Game Week? More like a Fucked up week)


  • Mary Walters won 2 Toss Ups & Earning her $3000 with NEW BEGINNINGS and MUSICAL CHAIRS.
  • Round 1: Mary Solved: The Days are Getting longer for a Stinkin Minimum of $1000 while having just $550
  • Round 2: Mary solved: Flowers, Time, Roll, Fever for another $1000 after having a $550.  Stupid Imbecile.
  • Round 3: Margaret Niebling, are you fucking Stupid solving a Prize Puzzle with No Cash? She solved AN EPIC RIVER CRUISE for $13290 Trip. Thanks to a Fatal Dud by Ricardo Cepeda.
  • Third Tossup: JENNIFER LOPEZ solved By Ricardo to avoid Getting Skunked. Thank God
  • Final Round worth $1600 Each.  Mary Solved it for $3200 to end up winning $8,200. Margaret wins thanks to the Prize Puzzle with $13,290.
  • Margaret Chooses: On the Map as her Bonus Round Puzzle.  Sadly, She Fucked up getting KALAMZOO AND SAGINAW and loses $35K.  Final Total: $13,290 Fuckin Dollars.

My rating: 1 (WORST RATING BY ME)


Highlights For 11/18/18

  • This Week’s Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round has been 0-4 and 14 Straight BR losses. We need a win or we will be at its worst ever Streak for Losses in the BR
  • Likewise you can watch All Wheel of Fortune Versions from Around the World
    • Wheel of Fortune Brazil: Roda a Roda
    • Wheel of Fortune Croatia: Kolo sreće
    • Wheel of Fortune Ecuador: La Rueda de la Fortuna
    • Wheel of Fortune Georgia: იღბლიანი ბორბალი  (Igbliani Borbali)
    • Wheel of Fortune Germany: Glücksrad
    • Wheel of Fortune Greece & Cyprus: Ο τροχός της τύχης (O trokós tis túkis)
    • Wheel of Fortune Poland: Kolo Fortuny
    • Romania: Roata Norocului
    • Russia: Поле чудес (Pole Chudes)
    • Serbia: Kolo sreće
    • Spain: La ruleta de la suerte
    • Turkey: Çarkıfelek
  • Dow lost 98 points & Nasdaq gave back just 2

Game Show Summary 1/11/18

    • Wheel of Fortune suffers its Worst Streak So Far this Season with 9 losses in a row.  Friday’s Show better get a win to avoid a Double Digit Slump or We could be looking at another SHITTY  week.  Awful Show to Say with 2 House Minimum solves & Solving a Prize Puzzle with $0 and a BR loss. Wheel rating gets a 1.
    • Price is Right got Better today with 4 of 6 wins Thanks to a $30K win in Half Off and a Perfect Second Half.  The Double Over did hurt my rating.  Rating is 6.


5/26/17 Reports & Weekly Summary

  • Game Shows
    • TPIR Today: Okay and Disappointing, 4 games won, No Car win resulting in its worst week ever for Car but A Car was won in the Showcase.  My Rating for today is 6. 8 Games won this week resulting in its worst weekly performance, And In showcases this Week: 4 Cars were won and a Double Over. My weekly rating: 5
  • Playoffs:
    • NHL Stanley Cup Final pits 2016 Defending Champions Pittsburgh Penguins against Nashville Predators who entered as the Lowest Seed in the Playoffs. NBA Finals Pits 2016 Defending Champions Cleveland Cavs against Golden State Warriors for the third Time in a row.