U.S Stocks Skunked for the Week.

This Week was a Very Ugly Session. And the Worst One in Fact of the Year So Far.  Dow started the week at 35,911.81; S&P started at 4,662.85 and the Nasdaq begun at 14,893.75

Let’s Recap:

  • Tuesday was indeed the Ugly way to Start the Week. Why? Here’s Why: The Dow Sunk 543.34 which was the Worst of the year so Far. S&P 500 declined 85.74 and the Nasdaq lost 386.85
  • Wednesday: Shown that Selling was the Culprit which sent the Dow Falling 339.82, S&P 500 dipped 44.35 and the Nasdaq nosedived 166.64
  • Thursday: At one Point Stocks were Higher at Session Highs around Morning, then it came Tumbling Down Hard causing the Dow to Surrender 313.26, S&P 500 eradicated 50.03 and the Nasdaq gave up 186.24
  • Friday: Stocks got Skunked this Week, with the Dow Tanking 450.02 to end the week at 34,265.37, S&P 500 sunk 84.79 ending the week at 4,397.94 and the Nasdaq got Hit very hard losing 385.10 wrapping the week up at 13,768.92
  • For the Week, The Dow Dropped 1,646.44 or 4.58% & the S&P erased 264.91 or 5.68%.  Both posted its Worst Week since October 2020. The Nasdaq got Fucked up badly thanks the Netflix Huge Drop on Friday, Plummeting 1,124.83 or 7.55% which posted its Worst week since March 2020

Zonk Contestant of the Week Bear


My Top 25 Instagram Friends of the Year 2021

My Top 25 Instagram Friends of the year 2021…

#25: Kaelyn Wilkins @itskaelynwilkins
#24: Marron Jadore @marronjadore
#23: Josie Totah @josietotah
#22: Gwyneth @gwowls
#21: Haskiri Velazquez @haskiri
#20: Jaslene Whiterose @jaslenewhiterose
#19: Jalah @jaylays.world
#18: Hayley Orrantia @hayleyorrantia
#17: Kyra Christine @c0pn3ar
#16: Princess Riley @princess_riley99 & Jazmyn @jazzylique
#15: Kyla-Drew Simmons @kyladrewatla
#14: Adeola Crown @theadeolacrown
#13: Cherylene Chan @cherylenechan
#12: Faye Singleton @faye.youtube Karenza Wheatley, Ellie Louise, Sophie Richardson, Hayley and Katie Marson
#11: Megan & Ciera @megan_marie32 & @ciera_jo

My Top 10 will be Revealed Soon

Summary for 4/7/2021

Today was not a Good Day for LMAD.  Only one Perfect Deal, But No Car win at All especially the Medium Deal was won. As For TPIR, 3 Games was won, like LMAD, No Car win at all.  Can LMAD Avoid a Double Skunk Tomorrow?

LMAD Weekly Stats for 2/1-2/5

This Week’s Total

Total Perfect Deals: 4

Perfect Deal Trash (Traded Down for SD or MD): 1

Total Car Wins: 0

Car Game Wipeouts: 1


Big Deal Wins: 2

Medium Deal Wins: 1

Small Deal Wins: 2

Big Deal Revealed Second: 0-0

$30,000+ Big Deals: 0-0

Aired Quickie Deal Record (Wins-Losses-Partials): 5-2-0

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts: 1 (Aired: 1; Unaired: 0)

Season Total

Total Perfect Deals: 76

Total Weekly Perfect Deal Shutouts: 0

Perfect Deal Trash (Traded Down for SD or MD): 8

Total Car Wins: 21

Car Game Wipeouts: 6

Total Weekly Car Shutouts: 2

ZONK Victims: 93

Big Deal Wins: 19

Medium Deal Wins: 19

Small Deal Wins: 18

Big Deal Revealed Second: 1-8

$30,000+ Big Deals: 3-3

Total Big Deal Shutouts: 0

Aired Quickie Deal Record (Wins-Losses-Partials): 77-10-6

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts: 1 (Aired: 1; Unaired: 0)

Weekly Rating: 6

Mythman88’s Weekly Rating: