The Week That Was for September 14-18

  • September 14-18:
    • Jeopardy Began Season 37 with 3 New Contestants because of Zach Newkirk could not make it.  Jeopardy also featured a Updated Podiums with Contestants Distancing.  Cory Barger won the Game with over $20K and went on to end her run at Over $39K. David Ferrera becomes the Lowest Winner with a measly $4,977 while Kelly Incorrect Guess Cost Her a Spot in Final Jeopardy.  Joe and then Sarah won their games to Become new Champions.
    • Wheel of Fortune Begun Season 38 with Teacher’s Week and Contestants Distancing from each.  When they Spin the Wheel, They use the White Apparatus.  The Bonus Round was won on the Start of the Season for a BMW.  Next 2 Days, the BMW was Lost until Thursday it was won again.  The Week ended with a 2-3 Record thanks to the $45K loss.
    • WWE Monday Night RAW Did see a Great Women’s Championship Match between RAW Women’s Champ Asuka & Mickie James, Also we saw RAW Tag Champs Street Profits vs Smackdown Tag Champs Cesaro & Shinsake Nakamura.  The Main Event ended in a No Contest Between Keith Lee & WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Thanks to Retribution interfering.  The Hurt Business Showed up to Stop them until Lee & McIntyre Knocked Down All Members of Retribution.
    • WWE Smackdown Saw a Ejection of Kalisto & Lince Dorado getting Involve ultimately Getting Cesaro a Win.  We Also Saw Nikki Cross beat Lacey Evans and the Alexa Bliss Performed Sister Abigail on Lacey Evans.  Sasha Banks (who was Interviewed by Both Michael Cole & Corey Graves) unfortunately got Ambushed by  Smackdown Women’s Champ Bayley.  Main Event ended with Jey Uso pinning Corbin earning him & Roman Reigns a win
    • Stocks Began Monday higher trying to rebound from Tech Stocks Worst Performance and Ultimately Stayed There. That is Until Thursday & Friday’s Selloff from Tech Did the Markets In.  Dow for the Week fell just 0.03%.  S&P and Nasdaq dropped 0.7% and 0.5% respectively.

Summary for 9/16/2020

  • Stock Market Started Well. That is until the Fed Decision kicked in Sending All 3 Indexes to Session Lows. By the Closing Bell, The DJIA Finished with a Gain of 36.78 or 0.13% to Finish at 28032.38. S&P and Nasdaq sadly Didn’t. S&P 500 Index Removed 15.71 off of Yesterday to End the Session at 3385.49. Nasdaq Fell more than 1.25% or 139.85 to wrap up the day at 11050.47.
  • On Jeopardy today. Boy oh Boy oh Boy, It was not a Great Day at all. Had Cory rung in First on the last Answer & Got it right, All 3 would been in the Final Jeopardy, Had Cory not rung in after Kelly Missed, David would been the Only one in the Final Jeopardy and would had committed 2 Cardinal Sins. It was Kelly who Missed and Cory got it Right to Play in the Final Jeopardy. David won with a Measly $4,977.

Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune Memorial Day 2019

Wheel of Fortune
For the first time in 21 shows, I get to say this: THE 20 DAY LOSING STREAK HAS FINALLY ENDED Thanks to Sherrie winning the BR. Because of That Sherrie won $50,050 after winning $36K.


James won Another Game. James is Now about $400K from Eclipsing Ken Jennings All Time Winnings.

Wheel of Fortune Rating: 7.75
Jeopardy Rating: 10

Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy 5/22/19

Wheel of Fortune BR has been Lost Again. Pushing its Loss Streak to 18, and Suffering another Losing week. May is already Secure its

WORST EVER MONTH in the Entire Series. Even Worse, Victoria Becomes the Third Person in the Entire Series to Win the Maingame with just a Prize Puzzle of a motherfuckin $13,290.

My rating: 1
For Dumbass Idiots who Picks Things or Phrase, That results in More Losses Ever.
May is already on Verge of its Worst Ever Season in the Entire Series.

Jeopardy! is on the Rise thanks to James winning his 25th Game. Result: James is now over $1.9 Million. Can he make it to $2 Million Thursday?

My rating: 10

Wheel of fortune: 2/11/19

Toss Up 1: Solved By Christine & Alexander Eburne WRITING A POEM; Missolve: Kathy & Steve Hardyman for Saying WRAPPING A GIFT.
Toss Up 2: Solved By Eburnes (SHRIMP SCAMPI) $3K so Far

Round 1: Eburnes Threw Away $6600 on a Dud of A; Hardymans Solved it for Minimum of $2K (PHOTOS OF WONDERFUL MOMENTS)
Round 2: Crossword Clue: Love ____: Philip & Laura Beth Peters Solved it for A Vacation ($12,598 in Cash & Prizes) SEAT, POTION, NEST, STORY. PR

Round 3: Hardymans Threw Away $7450 Thanks to an unsuccessful Express Round, Peters Picked up $1800 + Hawaii Vacation (A SUPERB ISLAND RESORT). Peters Total: $21412

Toss Up 3: Eubrnes Sweep the Toss Ups: RED RED WINE (Song Lyric) $6K Now
Round 4: Peters add $2100 (MAD SCIENTIST) Character
Round 5/Speed Round: Eubrnes Solved for a Minimum of $2K (TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE) Phrase)

FINAL: Hardymans: $2,000; Eubrnes $8,000; BUT the Winners with $23512: Peters

BR Category Choices: THING, EVENT, OR LIVING THING. Peters Chose EVENT

Landed on the First A in AMERICA

RSTLNE Gets them

_ _ _ E N T _ R _ _ S
_ _ _ R N E _

Letters Called: G, D, H and A only gets the first 2 letters in the first word

A D _ E N T _ R _ _ S
_ _ _ R N E _

Sadly they missed out on Getting ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY and End up Kissing $36K Goodbye

My Final Rating: 5

Wheel of Fortune 11/15/18

Contestants: Ed Fay; Mike Nutbrown, Amber Young

Round 1: Was Solved by Mike Nutbrown winning $6250 in Cash & Trip
Round 2: Was Solved by Amber Young with $0 getting a Fuckin Minimum of $1K
Round 3: Was Solved By Ed Fay winning $7100 in Cash & Prizes bringing him up to $8,100
Speed Round was won By Amber winning $9600 (New Season Low Winnings)

Sadly: Amber Fucked up winning the Bonus Round which Damaged my rating Big Time. That sends her with a Fuckin $9600. and we are on Brink for it WORST EVER GAC WEEK

My Rating: 1 (Worst Episode of the Season)

The Price is Right 11/15/2018

Brandon: That’s Too Much (Lost out on Volkswagen Jetta)

Rebecca: Side By Side (Win) for Sangay Spa Hotel

Quanetta: 1/2 Off ($1K Won) + (Won another $1K on the Wheel)

Connie: Take Two (Win) for Foosball Table, Coach Accessories, Dishwasher& SAMSUNG 75″ 4K HDTV

Beth: Push Over (Win) for Piaggio Liberties + Helmets

David: Hole in One (or Two): (Win) for Nissan Versa + Won a Spot in the Showcase

Quanetta won the Showcase: Final Total: $39,107

Overall Rating: 7

What to Watch For Tomorrow

The 2018 World Champions Boston Red Sox will have its Parade Tomorrow at 11 am ET on Halloween. For those that going, It will start at Fenway Park. For those who can’t Make it, you can watch it on TV in Boston, or online at the Following websites: WBZ:, and Boston 25 News. You can also watch it at Cheers on Beacon Avenue in Boston.

My headlines for 8/8/18

My headlines for my blog as of 8/8/18

  • SevenSuperGirls now adding a New Member, and her name is Emelina (Go to and type in @emelinaxo and welcome her to SevenSuperGirls)
  • Ronda Rousey won her first Match on “Monday Night Raw”.  Now she looks ahead of the Championship Match vs Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam.
  • The New Day defeated the Bar on SmackDown Live to battle the bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam.
  • SevenSuperGirls is closing in on 9 Million Subscribers.  Subscribe now to reach this summit.
  • My Top 5 SAKs Girls for the Week are: SSG: Brianna, Ashlynn, Emelina and Jaidyn, and sevenPerfectAngels Member Emily P.