Let’s Make a Deal Mothers Day 2016

Deal #1:

Josephine: Picked: I’m not the Bank of Mom or Small Box; went with the Small Box and gave up $600 and got Personal Electronics worth $2,747
Dana: Picked I’m not your maid or Curtain #2; Picked the Curtain; could have won $2,544 worth of Maid Service and got Outdoor Patio worth $6,026
Christiane: Lost out on Antigua worth $9.662 but chosen the Curtain #3 and got zonk with the Caveman Living Room

Deal Number 2: Car game: 8 numbers, 6 good had M, O, T, H, E and R and 2 Zonks for Honda CR-Z worth $21,615

Lucy and Margarita

Lucy goes first and chose 8 and has H, then Margarita chose 3 and got M. Lucy picks 5 after forfeits $500 and got O, next Margarita picks 2 after not going to take $500 and got R.  Next up Lucy goes on after not taking the $1K and chose 7 and gets E, Margarita plays after not taking the $1K and Picks 6. Unfortunately for Matgarita, she Zonk out and gets $100.  Lucy wants 4 after giving up $2K…Final Result: Lucy gets ZONK. Other good one was 1 which has T.

Big Deal worth over $33K

Deal #3: Edith & Genevieve (Mother & Daughter)

Edith Choice of giving Genevieve either $900 or Big Box. Result: Big Box and got a Smart Home Package worth $5,644
Genevieve choice of giving Edith $900 or Curtain #3. Reuslt: $900 but miss out on a 5 night stay at Luxury Mountain Resort worth $7,010
Final Choice: Keep prizes or Go for Curtain #2
Edith: Curtain #2: She gets: Oh no, ZONK, ZONK Pirate Ship
Genevieve: Keeps her Smart home Package

Deal #4: Heather(Cowgirl) Book Club
Choice: Bookmark or Curtain #3. Heather Picks the Curtain but will not get $375. She gets Kitchen Appliances worth $4,593

Perfect Deal #1

Deal #5: Kristian: will play the Great Escape for Toyota Prius worth $20,555
Her Choice: Give up $700 and now got 22 Seconds to win the Car

Keys Choice: Starting with #7, then #3, #8 and #11. Final result: Loss but still got $800

Correct Choice was Key #5

Final Deal: Purses: Kari & Cassandra
Kari get Purple Purse, however, she wants the Big Box. She forfeits $500+Purse: Deal worth $1,025. She gets the Home Gym valued at $3,119.
Cassandra’s Choice is Either the Black Purse or the Envelope which Wayne is Holding.
Cassandra picks the Purse. She passes up on an Autograph of Gorilla. She Gets Diamond Earrings including the Purse worth $3,495.

Perfect Deal #2

BIG DEAL: Who goes for the Big Deal of the day worth $33,145? Dana goes for the Big Deal which means she gives the Patio worth $6,026

She Picked Door 3.

What was Behind door #2? It was Trip to Miami for a 4 night stay with a Luggage Set and 30 mpx Camera worth $8,891 and was the Medium Deal. What was Behind Door one? It’s the Vault. It was worth $2,815!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY DANA, YOU GOT THE BIG DEAL OF THE DAY! YES! YOU GOING TO GET A CAR AND IT’S A NEW MERCEDES BENZ WORTH $33,145!

My Rating: 8

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