Report: 5/24/17

* Report for 5/24/17

  • Stocks close higher for S&P 500 hitting new record.  DJIA gained 74.51 to 21012.42, S&P reaching  2404.39 by finishing up by 5.97 and Nasdaq adding 24.31 to 6163.02
  • On TPIR Today, it was very disappointing. No Game was won, No Car winner, and a Double Over occurred resulting in winnings of only $13,596(Thank god for Hot Seat $5K). (Its lowest since 2006 of February and Lowest in Drew Carey Era since November 2010).  TPIR Rating: 1
  • After Ottawa beat Pittsburgh in Game 6 Tuesday, Who will win Thursday in Pittsburgh: Penguins or Senators?
  • The Cavs beat the Celtics on Tuesday in Game 5 putting them up 3-1. Cavs can close out the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday with a win In Boston.
  • WWE Smackdown Live: Smackdown congratulates Jinder Mahal on his success in defeating Randy Orton at Backlash to become the New WWE Champion. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler in the Main Event.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Steve Ahern won $1000 in Toss Up one and Then Gayle Coy won $2000 in Toss Up two and went first and wins $3200 in Round 1,  Then round 2 was the Crossword Round where Steve won $2700 bringing his winnings up to $3700 after Emily Bankrupt with the $10K MW.  Round 3 was Prize Puzzle where Emily won $6878 in Cash & Trip.  Toss Up 3 winner was Emily bring her winnings to $9878.  Round 4 where Steve won $3050 bringing him to $6750 + Wild Card. Round 5 Speed up was $1600 each and Emily won the Main game with $11,478.  In the Bonus Round, Emily landed on I in WIN. Puzzle is: Thing.  _ER_ T____ ___. Letter Choices; D H M O. Resulting her in only the O’s getting _ER_ TH___ _O_.  Failed to win the Car. It was VERY THICK FOG. My WOF Rating:  1

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