5/25/2017 Reports

  • In Women’s College Golf from Wednesday May 24, Arizona State def. Northwestern to win the Tournament
  • NHL Playoffs 2016: 2016 Defending Champions Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Ottawa Senators 3-2 in Two Overtimes to Repeat as Eastern Conference Champions and will meet Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Final.
  • NBA Playoffs: 2016 Champion Cleveland Cavs defeated Boston Celtics 105-102 and win the Eastern Conference Championship 4-1.  They will meet Golden State Warriors once again in the NBA FINALS.
  • TPIR posted another Disappointing but a Record breaking win in Plinko Episode after a 0 for 6 yesterday with a Double Over. Only one game was won big and that Was Plinko with a New Record of $31,500 set By Ryan (3 in $10K, 1 in $1K & 1 in $500). No car win in PG but a Car was won in the Showcase. My rating: 7(thanks to Plinko Record in Daytime History).  So Far this Week, only Four Games this Week, No Car Game Won, and we are on Pace for its Worst ever Week in TPIR history.
  • Stocks gained and Set new Record Closes.  The DJIA Gained 70.53 to 21082.95, S&P increased by 10.68 to 2415.07 and Nasdaq puts 42.23 higher to 6205.26
  • Also, for bobbymgsk: I cannot Post any comments on your site. Why?
  • Wheel of Fortune: Toss up $1K won by Gregory Davis and $2K Toss Up won By Diane Boucher. Round 1 Puzzle Before & After won by Katie with $2K icluding the Gift Tag.  Round 2 Puzzle won By Diane winning the Trip to Amasterdam bring her to $13,554.  Round 3 prize Puzzle won by Katie who is going to Hawaii and now got $13,318.  Toss up $3K won by Katie bringing her to $16,318 and the lead.  Final Round was worth $1,700 a Letter.  Diane solve the Puzzle to win the Game with $20,154.  Bonus Round: Diane landed on A in GAME.  Phrase is the Bonus Round Puzzle: RSTLNE only fills ___ ___E __ __R_.  Diane’s Choices: FMD O gets _O_ ___E M_ W_RD.  And she failed. She would Need an H to have any chance to Solve: YOU HAVE MY WORD. This week puts us in grave danger of its worst Week since Hawaiian week. Lost $45K.  My rating: 6 out of 10

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