“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/25/17

An Okay show. 2 Perfect Deals with a Car win from Beat the Dealer. Small Deal win in the Big Deal. My rating: 7


Eugene: G- 7
Alexis: A- 9
Vanessa: D- 2

R2 (#3): Bedroom
Alexis: f- 8
Eugene: B- 6

C (#1): Toyota Yaris
Alexis: E- 4
Dealer: I- 1 (H: 5)

Nathan’s FD D: #3- BBQ/patio pkg. (FC: $800)

Rearrange Trips From Closest to Farthest From LAX: Cynthia
RB: Foote Prints
GB: Smugglers’ Notch
BB: 4n at hotel PRESTON in NSH ($3,050)

NSH: 1794
JAM: 2704
VT (could’ve opted for that BBQ/patio pkg.)- 2495

JBH: Megrick (who turned 25)

#1: Is it something that can be carried?
#2: Are there more than three items?
#3: Do I need a license to use it?
#4: Can more than one person enjoy it?
#5: Does it involve travel?

#3: N
#5: N
#2: Y
FD: #1- PD #2 (elec. pkg.)

DBM: Shanna & Michael
R2: M-C-

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