Highlights For 11/18/18

  • This Week’s Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round has been 0-4 and 14 Straight BR losses. We need a win or we will be at its worst ever Streak for Losses in the BR
  • Likewise you can watch All Wheel of Fortune Versions from Around the World
    • Wheel of Fortune Brazil: Roda a Roda
    • Wheel of Fortune Croatia: Kolo sreće
    • Wheel of Fortune Ecuador: La Rueda de la Fortuna
    • Wheel of Fortune Georgia: იღბლიანი ბორბალი  (Igbliani Borbali)
    • Wheel of Fortune Germany: Glücksrad
    • Wheel of Fortune Greece & Cyprus: Ο τροχός της τύχης (O trokós tis túkis)
    • Wheel of Fortune Poland: Kolo Fortuny
    • Romania: Roata Norocului
    • Russia: Поле чудес (Pole Chudes)
    • Serbia: Kolo sreće
    • Spain: La ruleta de la suerte
    • Turkey: Çarkıfelek
  • Dow lost 98 points & Nasdaq gave back just 2

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