Wheel of Fortune 11/15/18

Contestants: Ed Fay; Mike Nutbrown, Amber Young

Round 1: Was Solved by Mike Nutbrown winning $6250 in Cash & Trip
Round 2: Was Solved by Amber Young with $0 getting a Fuckin Minimum of $1K
Round 3: Was Solved By Ed Fay winning $7100 in Cash & Prizes bringing him up to $8,100
Speed Round was won By Amber winning $9600 (New Season Low Winnings)

Sadly: Amber Fucked up winning the Bonus Round which Damaged my rating Big Time. That sends her with a Fuckin $9600. and we are on Brink for it WORST EVER GAC WEEK

My Rating: 1 (Worst Episode of the Season)

The Price is Right 11/15/2018

Brandon: That’s Too Much (Lost out on Volkswagen Jetta)

Rebecca: Side By Side (Win) for Sangay Spa Hotel

Quanetta: 1/2 Off ($1K Won) + (Won another $1K on the Wheel)

Connie: Take Two (Win) for Foosball Table, Coach Accessories, Dishwasher& SAMSUNG 75″ 4K HDTV

Beth: Push Over (Win) for Piaggio Liberties + Helmets

David: Hole in One (or Two): (Win) for Nissan Versa + Won a Spot in the Showcase

Quanetta won the Showcase: Final Total: $39,107

Overall Rating: 7