Wheel of fortune: 2/11/19

Toss Up 1: Solved By Christine & Alexander Eburne WRITING A POEM; Missolve: Kathy & Steve Hardyman for Saying WRAPPING A GIFT.
Toss Up 2: Solved By Eburnes (SHRIMP SCAMPI) $3K so Far

Round 1: Eburnes Threw Away $6600 on a Dud of A; Hardymans Solved it for Minimum of $2K (PHOTOS OF WONDERFUL MOMENTS)
Round 2: Crossword Clue: Love ____: Philip & Laura Beth Peters Solved it for A Vacation ($12,598 in Cash & Prizes) SEAT, POTION, NEST, STORY. PR

Round 3: Hardymans Threw Away $7450 Thanks to an unsuccessful Express Round, Peters Picked up $1800 + Hawaii Vacation (A SUPERB ISLAND RESORT). Peters Total: $21412

Toss Up 3: Eubrnes Sweep the Toss Ups: RED RED WINE (Song Lyric) $6K Now
Round 4: Peters add $2100 (MAD SCIENTIST) Character
Round 5/Speed Round: Eubrnes Solved for a Minimum of $2K (TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE) Phrase)

FINAL: Hardymans: $2,000; Eubrnes $8,000; BUT the Winners with $23512: Peters

BR Category Choices: THING, EVENT, OR LIVING THING. Peters Chose EVENT

Landed on the First A in AMERICA

RSTLNE Gets them

_ _ _ E N T _ R _ _ S
_ _ _ R N E _

Letters Called: G, D, H and A only gets the first 2 letters in the first word

A D _ E N T _ R _ _ S
_ _ _ R N E _

Sadly they missed out on Getting ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY and End up Kissing $36K Goodbye

My Final Rating: 5